Whether undergoing your own home renovation project or enlisting the help of a construction company, if any floor or wall tile is required, you’re going to need to purchase this yourself. “But how much tile do I need for my bathroom renovation?” … well, keep reading to learn how you can calculate the square footage needed for your project!

If you’re taking on this project yourself:


When calculating how much floor tile you need to purchase:

  • Measure the dimensions (length and width) of the area you need tiling/flooring for.
  • Measure in feet (if you measure in inches, you can convert inches to feet using this calculator).
  • Round up your measurements to the nearest half-foot or full-foot. For example, if you measure 6 ft 2 inches, you would use 6.5 ft in your calculations. If it’s 6 ft 7 inches, round up to 7 ft.
  • Multiply the length by the width to calculate the square footage.
  • If the space you are working with is not a perfect square or rectangle, you can measure it in two sections:

EXAMPLE A: Perfect square or rectangle

how to calculate how much tile you need

EXAMPLE B: Not a perfect square or rectangle

How Much Tile Do I Need For My Home Renovation Project?

**IMPORTANT NOTE: Always factor in 10-15% tile overage. What does this mean? You will want to purchase more tiles than needed. This will cover you for any cuts/wastage and any tiles that may be chipped or broken. If in the future your tile goes out of stock or is discontinued, you can rest easy knowing you have some additional tile on hand to mend any repairs!

How to calculate overage:

Take your total square footage and multiply it by 10 or 15%

  • 26 ft x 0.10 = 2.6 (0.10 for 10% or 0.15 for 15%)
  • 26 ft + 2.6 ft = 28.6 ft squared
  • Rounded up = 29 ft squared


If you are calculating wall tile for a bathtub or shower, as long as the height is the same for all three walls, you can just take the height measurement once, and then measure your linear feet to calculate the square footage.

**Don’t forget to add your 10-15% overage to your total square footage!

If you work with IRPINO Construction on your project:

Math not your strong card? Don’t worry! When you work with IRPINO Construction, we’ll stop by to take all these measurements for you! Once we have everything measured out, we will provide you with the square footage totals needed so you can start shopping around for your tiling and get it purchased!

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