Renovating your home or a room of your home is no small feat and there are many things to consider before you get started. While you may be thrilled by the idea of a remodel, you may also be intimidated by how long the process can last, therefore it should come as no surprise that the most common question we receive from new clients is “How long will this renovation take?” Your home renovation timeline should be something you discuss with your contractor before agreeing to move forward and sign any contracts.

A lot of work goes into a home or room renovation, and as eager as you may be to see the finished product, a little patience and understanding of the process and timeline will better equip you for what you are about to experience.

So, what can you expect in the way of a home renovation timeline?

Here at IRPINO Construction, we want to help make your renovation process as smooth and stress-free as possible. That’s why we’ve identified six steps to help set some expectations and prepare you for what’s to come. Of course, project timeframes can naturally vary depending on a project’s scope, any material delays, etc, but the lead-up to construction remains largely the same.

Here is a realistic version of our home renovation timeline to showcase our sequence of events once you decide to work with IRPINO Construction. These steps should enable you to forecast a realistic timeline for your home or room renovation.

1. Confirm the Scope of Work & Your Personal Options

We will send you a scope of work (SOW) to take a look over. The SOW will include optional upgrades and additions that you can choose from. For example, any intricate tile work you may want to include would be an additional cost; a standard free-standing vanity would be included in the scope, but if you wanted a floating vanity that would be an extra cost; if you wanted heated flooring instead of just standard flooring, this too would be an additional cost, etc.

Go through the SOW and select all the options, additions, and selections you would like to move forward with. Send the SOW back over to us with your selections clearly marked.

home renovation timeline Chicago condo

2. Select & Purchase Materials

Selection and purchasing of materials is a task you complete yourself. Materials include things like tile, fixtures, flooring, etc. Once you have selected and placed a purchase order for your materials, keep us updated on the delivery of these items. Some materials may not currently be in stock or they may be on backorder – just be sure to ask asking how long delivery times will take before placing your order. If you are looking to have your project completed ASAP but the tile you want is on backorder for the next three months, you may consider choosing a tile that you can get your hands on sooner.

Not sure where to source your materials? Check out our list of Chicago preferred kitchen and bathroom vendors for all your home renovation material needs.

3. Home Renovation Timeline: Finalize the Proposal & Sign

After we have gone over your personal upgrades and additions, we will send you back the proposal with your chosen options for signature.

4. Make the Initial Deposit

To secure your project, an initial deposit needs to be made. To do this, a Quickbooks link will be sent over to you so you can make your initial payment. Once made, we will assign a Project Manager and a team of contractors to you and get you on our calendar.

5. Coordinate Delivery Time of Materials

We are unable to start work on your renovation project until all materials have been delivered. To ensure a smooth process, make sure you properly communicate with your selected vendors to understand when all your materials will be arriving.

6. Home Renovation Timeline: Schedule Your Renovation Start Date

Once all your materials have been delivered, we can finally plan a start date for your renovation with our Project Manager.

Once the project kicks off, the Project Manager will be your main point of contact for your home renovation timeline. Remember, construction itself is a fluid process – there are many different stages depending on the size and scope of the work to be done. While our team does our best to stick to a schedule, there are varying factors that can impact the provided timeline. If any of these factors occur, these will be communicated with you fully to ensure both you and our team are on the same page.

IRPINO CONSTRUCTION - Home Renovation Timeline

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