Project Type: Private Garage Deck Build-Out
Neighborhood: Roscoe Village

Home Type: Condo
Timeline: 4 weeks

If you live in an apartment in the city of Chicago, you know that a private, outdoor entertaining space is a rarity. Our clients came to us wanting a unique outdoor space above their existing garage that they could enjoy year-round, even when the Chicago weather started to cool off.

For this project, we:

  • Undertook a complete build-out involving running new electrical to accommodate lighting, television, heating, and a refrigerator;
  • Built a pergola, canopy, and seating along with custom outdoor furniture and multi-function table/firepit; 
  • Built out a bar area to accommodate storage and a beverage fridge;
  • Created an additional table and seating area for dining;
  • Ran electrical for a ceiling fan and lighting; 
  • Ran wiring for surround sound speakers.

Why was this project unique?

  • The garage deck was separated from the condo, and because of this, we were proud of how we were able to run the electrical and wiring without interfering with the common areas;
  • A unique part of this project saw the installation of weather-resistant shades to help protect from any outdoor elements. For example, when it’s windy, you can just pull the shades down and be shielded from the wind;
  • We reinforced the canopy we installed not only to help shelter from the sun but from other outdoor elements, too;
  • We learned that our client enjoyed using the outdoor entertainment space throughout all of Chicago’s rigorous seasons, so, after the project was completed, we came back at a later date to help accommodate our client’s needs and desires even further by making improvements to our existing work;
  • We modified and reinforced the existing pergola (that we previously built) to accommodate a solid weather canopy with a bitumen membrane rubber roof for further protection.

The end result? An awesome, outdoor entertaining deck that can be enjoyed year-round, despite Chicago’s weather elements. Our clients have already enjoyed many late nights out here watching sports and movies while enjoying a drink or two!

Outdoor Entertaining Deck Chicago

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