A kitchen should be an inviting space that you want to spend time in and not just a space you dread because you associate it with cooking, school lunches, and washing up. Kitchen trends that have dominated for over a decade like white-on-white are being done away with, much like the concept that a kitchen only serves one functional purpose. Whether you are currently in the process of designing a new kitchen or looking to renovate your existing one, here are our top 5 kitchen trends for 2023 that are being most requested by our clients.

1. Slab Backsplashes

Tile backsplash will always hold a place in our hearts, but 2023 will bring with it a big shift from tile to marble slab backsplashes. Talk about a stunning, eye-catching, statement piece! Through its natural textures and shapes, a slab backsplash adds an instant wow factor and can help lend a hand when deciding on the color palette for your kitchen. And let’s not forget how much easier it is to clean when compared to tile!

2. Two-tone Kitchen Colors & Painted Islands

With all-white kitchens being out, there are still ways to inject color and personality into your kitchen. Islands that are a different color from the rest of the cabinetry, or white upper cabinetry with the bottom cabinetry and island being a different color are hot requests for 2023, especially shades of blue and green.

Top 5 Kitchen trends for 2023

3. Statement Lighting as a Top 5 Kitchen Trends for 2023

While recessed lighting will always remain popular, bold and adventurous lighting can transform a room and add to its design element. The main fixture in focus here is over-the-island lighting. Over the years, a trio of drop pendants has typically played favorite when it comes to island lighting, but in 2023, bold, modern, architectural-type chandeliers will take center stage and act as a statement piece to your kitchen.

4. Statement-Making Range Hood

Range hoods as statement pieces will be all the hype this year. Top your stove with a stunning range hood that sets the tone and becomes an immediate focal point upon entry into your kitchen.

Top 5 Kitchen trends for 2023

5. Mixed Metals

Want to color-coordinate your kitchen hardware? Think again! In 2023, blending different finishes in the kitchen is the move. Mixed metals ranging from bronze, stainless, brass, nickel, copper, and more give a visually rich and inviting look all while creating a sense of elevation.

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